House Washing Experts

After an extended winter, you’ll probably notice that your home is looking a bit grimy. If you’re tired of gazing at your dirty and stained siding, it’s probably time to give your home a deep clean. We are able to help! We have the professional equipment and also the know-how to make your home shining brighter than ever. Our technicians can safely and efficiently clean the exterior of most homes during the day. It really couldn’t be any easier!

What you might have not considered is that the dirt, algae, and moss that collects on your home’s exterior surfaces do alot more than just make your house look unappealing. These contaminents can cause cause damage to the interior and exterior of your home. If not treated, overtime the debris will begin to stain and then degrade your surfaces. Once this takes affect, your house can be susceptible to irreversible damage which can cause thousands in expensive repairs. That is why as soon as you spot dirt, moss, mildew, or other contaminents spreading accross your house, call Dan Dan The Powerwash Man to save yourself time & money!

Check Out Our Amazing Testimonials!

Dan and his team just finished washing our entire home, garage, and pole barn. Our home has never looked better since it was new. We highly recommend Dan for your exterior home cleaning needs. He did a fantastic job. Thank You Dan!

- Josh F.

It is great to have someone close to the smaller towns. Most times you had to call the bigger cities to get service and it isn't like having a person with a small-town pride doing the service for you.

- Lisa L.

HUGE shoutout to Dan and his worker who not only did an amazing job on my house, garage, and sidewalk but going above and beyond to climb on top of our house to assist with placing a tarp from severe storm damage we received last night. You guys ROCK! Thanks so much!!! 

- Wendy H.

Great services! Did exactly what we wanted and loved the outcome!

- Lauren P.

I still can't believe the difference from before you washed my house to now. That old place came to life!!! The siding and soffit look really great, but I just can't stop staring at the stone. Great job, thanks again!!!

- Brandy B.

Great service and Exceptional Work. The total customer-friendly experience.

- Doug R.

He did a beautiful job on my mothers' deck!

- Dorothy G.

Awesome job on the house!

- Rochelle B.